Cleaning up MVVMCross ViewModels with Fody

Live property updates are printed to the console using the default MvvmCross property notifications.


PropertyChanged.Fody package can be found and added using the default NuGet manager in Rider IDE.
PropertyChanged weaver should be set in the Fody config to work correctly.

Basic Usage

Advanced Usage

Ignoring Unneeded Properties

public string Email { get; set; }
No PropertyChanged events raised for ignored Email property.

Property Interception

public string Email { get; set; }

// ReSharper disable once UnusedMember.Local
private void OnEmailChanged()
Debug.WriteLine($"New email is: {Email}");

Ignoring Unneeded Methods

Connectivity event subscription conflicts with Fody.PropertyChanged methods signature.
Method conflicts end up with build-time warnings.
private void OnConnectivityChanged(
object sender,
ConnectivityChangedEventArgs e
Debug.WriteLine($"Is Connected: {e.IsConnected}");

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